The right ear protection for you
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Choose the best one for you


Choosing the One for You

The ultimate hearing protection is the one worn 100 % of the time exposed to harmful noise. The ear muff you choose, should be comfortable to wear, and result in a sound level around 75-80 dB(A) inside the ear cup. Greater attenuation may lead to feeling of isolation or missing out alarm signals and communication. The level of protection is indicated on the packaging and/or product. If the noise level is unknown, a thorough analysis must be performed.



A new set of rules for Noise in the Workplace from the European Union was implemented February 15th, 2006, to protect employees against exposure to noise hazards in the workplace. The report informs employer and employee of the responsibility for a healthy work environment, what can be done to reduce the potential hazard, and how you can protect yourself against injury. It also clearly states that an appropriate selection of hearing protection products must be available to all employees of noisy workplaces. 

These are the general guidelines:

Lower Action Level 80 dB (A) * – 135 dB (C) **

In areas where the noise level matches or exceeds this Lower Action Level, all employees must have access to protection.

Upper Action Level 85 dB (A) – 137 dB (C)

In areas where the noise level matches or exceed this Upper Action Level, all employees must use appropriate protection.

Max Exposure Level 87 dB (A) – 140 dB (C)

No worker should – under any circumstance – be exposed to noise levels exceeding this max level.

All personnel working in this noise levels must use protection to lower the noise to levels safe within the Lower Action Level.

* dB (A) = representative noise level (8 hour average)

** dB (C) = peak noise level ( peaks, less than 1sec duration)